Halong Bay Travel Guides

Halong Bay Travel Guides

Best Time to Visit Halong Bay

“Halong Bay is the fairest of them all!” Halong Bay, one of seven world wonders, is hands down a must-see attraction for every traveler when coming to Vietnam. Are you wondering about the best time to admire this beauty? Don’t worry, Focushalong will have you covered with this article!

Explore 5 most famous caves in Halong Bay

Traveling to Halong Bay, besides spending time lying on beautiful beaches, tourists are eager to get involved in cave exploration. In 2005, experts newly discovered 23 caves in the area of Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay which makes nature resource of the World Heritage more diverse. But, in this post, we...

What makes seaplanes in Halong Bay special?

Some amazing characteristics about seaplanes in Halong Bay. Known as one of the most unique activities in Halong Bay, or even in Vietnam, seaplane tours in Halong Bay attract lots of tourists coming here. Come to Halong Bay right now to experience this unique experience in Vietnam right now.

Where is Halong Bay Vietnam located on the map?

"Where is Halong Bay located?" could be one of the most popular questions when it comes to planning a holiday in the most famous Vietnam's tourist destination. Every year, Halong Bay receives millions of visitors all around the world thanks to its breathtaking scenery and a lot of fascinating things to...

Vietnamese currency and how to exchange your money to VND

The Dong has become the official currency of Vietnam since May 3, 1978. Up to now Vietnamese currency has the age of 40 years old. Although some popular foreign currencies are accepted, it’s recommended to exchange your money to VND in case of arriving in Vietnam. Here are some helpful tips you may want to...

 Halong Bay weather in 12 months

The weather changes with the months everywhere. Therefore, for each vacation, you should prepare clothes thoroughly before you go. At the place you live, you may have memorized the characteristics of each season, you know when is the best time to go fishing, swimming or sailing. However, with tourist spots...

Tips for Kayaking on Halong Bay

Halong Bay is famous for its natural beauty and thousands of limestone islands and islets. When you are on board, you can admire the majestic beauty of the Bay. You can also get closer to the limestone islands, discover the beauty yourself, and admire its nature. But how to get closer? The best way is...

The most memorable Vietnam souvenirs to bring home

Apart from the beautiful landscape and rich traditional culture, Vietnam still has meaningful items that you see is to recall Vietnam. Here are the top 10 Vietnam souvenirs to bring home for tourists we recommend to you.

8 Steps to plan your Halong Bay Trip

The summer is coming and it’s time to sit down and figure out your holiday schedule. With the advent of technology, creating the perfect vacation has become simultaneously easier and harder at the same time. There are hundreds of destinations, deals, and DIY vacation tools. With one click of your finger,...

Halong Bay: Best places to photograph

For many travelers especially photographers who are seeking the impeccable views of Halong Bay to photograph out there, this article is perfect for you. As you approach Halong Bay, Vietnam, the first thing you experience is a gentle breeze and a whiff of salty sea air. Halong Bay’s breathtaking views offer...

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