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Why travelers love Halong Hera Cruise

  •   Style: Traditional Vietnamese Junk
  •   5-star standard services with professional staff
  •   11 spacious luxury suites, each with a different theme; rooms range from 28-55sqm
  •   Concierge Level upper deck suites with personal butler and chef services
  •   Live piano and music
  •   Fantastic food in a good variety


Created for modern travellers who seek the finest experiences available, Hera Cruises is the only ultra luxe cruise offered in Halong Bay. Join us to discover the way Vietnam’s lush landscape and the majesty of its seas merge in the wonder that is this stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our cruise ship graces the waters with unique routes and itineraries, ensuring a memorable boat trip adventure.




With each two- and three-day boat cruise, we work to ensure an unforgettable travel experience around Halong Bay. We pride ourselves on attentive service, strive for excellence and continue to develop quality excursions for those seeking new vistas as well as serene moments.



​We believe that a return to nature’s magnificence deserves thoughtful planning. So we handle all aspects of your trip to make sure you can take it all in at your leisure.

For us, sharing Halong Bay with our guests is to offer a treasure and source of pride. So we maintain socially and environmentally conscious practices to preserve ways of life and nature’s gifts in Halong. We focus on native craftsmanship in support of local livelihoods. In this way, we favor eco-friendly and organic choices. Our staff participates in training for waste and chemical management along with workplace safety exercises. These choices contribute to our principles of responsible stewardship of the precious Halong Bay ecosystem in which we operate.





Lower deck

On the first floor, there are five 28sqm - planet rooms namely Hera Jupiter, Hera Saturn, Hera Mars, Hera Venus and Hera Mercury which are all inspired from The Five Elements of Harmony in Eastern culture. It is luckily equivalent to five attributes in our solar system, that also the reason why we name planets on our rooms.

​Maximum occupancy is 2 adults


Lower deck

Consisting of two connecting Planet Rooms (Saturn-Mars or Venus-Mercury), these suites accommodate three adults and one child under 12. The design and décor incorporate elements of space, air, fire, earth and water to create an ambiance of health, harmony and happiness.

Maximum occupancy is 3 adults and 1 under-12 child


Upper deck

Number of suites: 02

Location: Bow

Include: Moon Suite (port side) and Sun Suite (starboard side)

Our Hera Moon Suite mirrors the importance of the celestial body to our travels. Full of mystery and poetry, the Moon is a guiding force.

Sure as the Sun rises, we venture out each day with new hope of discovery. Our Sun Suite shines with the brilliance of life.

​Located on the port side bow and starboard side bow Concierge Level, these 50- square-metre suites include private chef and butler service.   ​


Upper deck

Number of suites: 02

Location: Midship

Include: Sea Suite (port side) and Wind Suite (starboard side)

The Sea Suite reflects the vast expanses of Halong Bay, its beauty and depth. Essential to life, the Sea nurtures us all.

The Wind steers us, enabling adventure and new thrills. Its force sets all in motion, including our unforgettable experiences in Halong Bay.

Located on the midship port side and starboard side Concierge Level, these 35- square-metre suites include private chef and butler service. ​



Upper deck

Number of suites: 02

Location: Aft

Include: Land Suite (port side) and Light Suite (starboard side)

The Land Suite pays tribute to the terrestrial richness that makes up Vietnam. Our Land is precious and we strive to protect and honour its worth.

The Light Suite is illuminating, making us see and appreciate the wonders around us. Here, our attention is held fast on the scenery that floats by.

Located on the aft port side and starboard side Concierge Level, these 50- square-metre suites include private chef and butler service.


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